Boid Flocking Behaviour

This program is an implementation of a boid flocking behaviour simulation. Features include basic boid rules (alignment, cohesion, separation), obstacle avoidance, and food sources.

The implementation is written in Lua and uses the LOVE framework (http://love2d.org).


The following video is an animation created from the program.


The following screenshots are from the Boids demo program. The program is set up as a powerpoint style presentation interspersed with interactive demos.


Most of the controls are explained within the demo. Controls not mentioned are listed below:

Move camera WASD or arrow keys
Set waypoint Select boids with left mouse button, and right click to set a waypoint
Camera tracking Select a boid with left mouse button to lock camera on boid
Change size of obstacles/food     Mouse scroll wheel
Display framerate Tilde key
Go to previous slide Backspace key
Exit program Escape key


Windows 32-bit


Linux   - Linux users will need to install the LOVE package (http://love2d.org)

Source: https://github.com/rlguy/boids