Fantasy Map Generator

A procedural map generator based upon methods described in Martin O'Leary's "Generating fantasy map" notes. Features include irregular Voronoi grid generation, simulated erosion model, city and border generation, and simulated annealing automated label placement. Written in C++ and drawn using the Cairo graphics library.

PIC/FLIP Fluid Simulation

An implementation of a PIC/FLIP fluid simulation based upon methods described in Robert Bridson's "Fluid Simulation for Computer Graphics" textbook. Features include anisotropic surface reconstruction, 'LEGO brick' surface recontruction, and spray, foam, and bubble particles. Written in C++ and rendered in Blender.

SPH Fluid Simulation

An implementation of a smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) fluid simulation. Features include a dynamic spatial grid data structure, fluid interaction with objects, and Lua scripting for configuration files. Written in C++, Lua with LuaBridge, and uses the QT application framework.

Boid Flocking Behaviour

An implementation of a boid flocking simulation. Features include basic boid rules (alignment, cohesion, separation), obstacle avoidance, and food sources. Written in Lua and uses the LOVE framework.

Twitter Hashtag Usage Visualization

This program visualizes twitter hashtag usage over time as a collection of circles, each corresponding to a hashtag. The size of the circles are proportional to the usage frequency of the hashtag. Written in Lua using the LOVE framework. Data is collected by using the Twitter Streaming API's Firehose feature.