Conway's Game of Life

This program is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life . This version of Life implements the original rules and also includes a rule for handling a game with cells of different colour. When a new cell is born, it will take on the average colour of its neighbours. The left/right and top/bottom edges of the grid wrap around on each other, so the grid in this version is not infinite as it is in the original Game of Life.


The following video displays clips of the program evolving from various initial configurations. Some of the initial states include popular patterns such as the 13-engine Cordership, Paul Callahan's one row infinite growth pattern, Breeder 1 (Lobster), Max, and Halfmax.


The demo program starts with a randomized initial state with red and blue cells. At the top of the window, there is a meter that measures the ratio of red to blue cells to show which colour is "winning".

Run Game/Pause Game - Press any key

Reset Game - Right Click mouse button

Advance One Generation - Mouse wheel

Move Camera View - Arrow keys



Windows 32-bit


Linux   - Linux users will need to install the LOVE package (http://love2d.org)

Source: https://github.com/rlguy/gameoflife