Gradient Editor

This tool provides a simple way for a user to generate gradient colour data.


How to Use

1. Choose the initial and final colours using the colour sliders on the right. Colours can be edited by RGB or by HSL values.

2. Edit the HSL curves in the middle to your liking.

3. Once satisfied with the gradient, click the "Save to Clipboard" button to copy the gradient data to the clipboard.

Gradient data is stored in the clipboard as a Lua table of RGBA tables. The order of colours is from top to bottom in the gradient preview bar. Example:


The graphical interface does not provide a way to choose how many colours are generated. By default, the editor will generate 400 colour values. If you want to change the number of colours generated, you can run the program from the command line and pass in the number of colours as an argument.


Windows 32-bit


Linux   - Linux users will need to install the LOVE package (http://love2d.org)

Source: https://github.com/rlguy/gradient_editor