Software Prototype

Our interactive prototype was created with InVision, and can be viewed at the following URL:


How to Use the Prototype

If the link is saved to the home screen of an iPad, it can be opened like a normal app. However, all functionality is still present when viewed in a standard browser.

To interact with the prototype, simply click any actionable element. If you click somewhere that is not actionable, any actionable elements will be highlighted. Some interface elements that are not implemented in the prototype are the share buttons (except Google Calendar), and the tabs for switching between school terms.


While the visual design of the prototype is largely complete, its functionality can be thought of as a slideshow, with each interactable element leading to a different slide. We mimic a completed user interface by using many different slides. However, this approach scales poorly with additional interface elements, so some inconsistencies will become apparent when using the prototype. In particular, user actions have little permanence, and generally only persist briefly, to demonstrate behaviour. Opening a different menu will reset these changes.

Task Scenarios

This prototype was designed primarily to cover our previously outlined task scenarios, as detailed below.

Scenario 1: Adding a Course

User Input System Response
Abborgale presses the "courses" button Display the course panel.
Abborgale taps the "search courses" button Change course panel to the course search view.
Abborgale enters "CSC 3" into the search box Display a list of 300 level CSC courses.
Abborgale taps the course he wants (CSC 320) Expand CSC 320 to show lectures and lab blocks.
Abborgale selects the lecture, and the lab that fits his schedule Highlight the selected courses, and show them on Abborgale's schedule.
Abborgale hits the "Register in CSC 320" button Add the course to Abborgale's schedule, and give a confirmation message.
Table 1 Adding a Course

Scenario 2: Comparing Schedules

User Input System Response
Abborgale presses the "schedules" button Display the schedule panel, with a list of Abborgale's friends.
Abborgale selects his friend Darnell Show Darnell's schedule overlaid on Abborgale's.
Table 2 Comparing Schedules

Scenario 3: Syncing with Google Calendar

User Input System Response
Abborgale taps the "share" button Display menu of sharing options.
Abborgale taps the "google calendar" button Prompt Abborgale to log in to Google.
Abborgale logs in Calendar will now sync to Google any time it changes. Display "synced with google calendar".
Table 3 Syncing with Google Calendar

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